Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are ideal for maximizing the space and light in a room. Blueprint Doors designs and custom builds your doors using the right hardware for your needs. Of course, our sources of hardware include the leading USA and European firms.
If you are looking to offer a truly spectacular effect, Blueprint Doors pivot systems are your final destination.
Our pivot hinges can be mounted to provide a high-tech comfort closure that works in all swing directions. In fact, they can go up to 360 degrees, remaining almost invisible.
Homeowners, interior decorators and architects give a lot of thought to what types of doors to use. Naturally, they want something that will beautify the home or condo. Additionally, people love the seamless movement of pivot doors. Plus, they give a modern look to the home. For that reason, today they are becoming one of the most popular choices.

Pivot doors are used in new construction and in home renovations. Naturally, they work well in residential and commercial settings.

Since this type of door is large and swings open into a room, we need to ensure that there is enough space to allow opening. Also, there are options to consider such as the style, material, size, handle and lock. Naturally, we are here to help guide you in selecting what will work best for you. Pivot Doors Can Offer up to 360 Degrees of Rotation. Pivot doors are big swinging doors that can rotate up to 360 degrees. Of course, not every application would require 360 degree rotation. However, if that’s what you need, then we’ll install a pivot box. Also, unlike conventional doors, there are no side hinges. Instead, these doors have hidden rotational hinges at the top and bottom. Many people like to use large handles which add to the elegant, modern look.

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