Folding Doors

We have a large selection of folding doors. Additionally, we custom build folding doors to fit your needs. Our bifold door system is a unique hinged and folding mechanism. The hinged and folding mechanism are combined. As a result, this unique system allows for very smooth folding action.

Our systems are tested and proved to work thousands of cycles. Naturally, they can be combined to fold and slide on the same opening. These doors are highly recommended for small openings. Plus, they are perfect in a variety of different applications. For instance, furniture or kitchen cabinets would be ideal. They provide greater luxury and functionality.

Bifold Doors

People use bifold doors as a way to beautify their home or condo. Plus, the doors can be made of a variety of materials. Consequently, they can be made to fit the décor of any room. For instance, maybe your washer and dryer could use a better door to hide them. As a result, you get a beautiful door while hiding the laundry room.

Here in South Florida many interior designers are recommending the use of bifold doors. As a result, we’ve been installing them in every type of home, condo and office space imaginable. With two decades of experience as a Miami door company, we can help with design ideas.

One excellent benefit of folding doors is the way they save space. Consequently, your home will actually feel larger. Being able to fold the doors back instead of having them open into your room is a real space saver.

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