Barn Doors

pocket doors

Barn doors are a great option for rooms that do not have the space for a swing door. Plus, wall hung doors add a modern and stylish look to your home. Additionally, they can also be ceiling hung doors if the wall doesn’t have the required structure to hold it. Whichever way you have them, […]

Pocket Doors

pocket doors

Pocket doors are more in demand than ever before. If you are looking for the best space saving door solution for your home, you are right where you need to be! Of course, our pocket doors hide away into the wall and provide maximum space efficiency. Additionally, this option has become more popular over the […]

Closet Doors

closet doors

Closet doors will make your rooms look tidy and clean. Keep a messy closet away from sight and have a beautiful and modern door to look at instead. We offer different closet door options, our most popular being sliding doors and folding doors, other options include barn doors and wall hung doors. Blueprint Doors is […]

Room Dividers

room dividers

Our room dividers systems are sliding doors that can be used to afford privacy and separate any room of the house. Additionally, they are a space saving solution to divide rooms without having to add walls, avoiding construction hassles. Plus, our room dividers are guaranteed to provide a modern and stylish look to any space. […]